Distance to NGDS will no longer be a factor when switching to natural gas. Our transportation system (which comprises of prime movers and tube skids) can deliver CNG to industrial premises with considerable cost savings. GMVP’s business model addresses the complete value chain of mobile gas solutions, from processing gas into CNG, to its transportation and distribution to customers’ premises.
We will procure natural gas from Gas Malaysia and transport the CNG to targeted industrial customers that have no access to Gas Malaysia’s pipeline. Concurrently, we will also maintain and operate the compression unit, transportation unit and pressure regulating unit, which are three key components of Virtual Pipeline system.
Rest assured, our business model is well-designed to deliver energy to our customers safely and reliably. Furthermore, GMVP owns and operates all of its equipment, ensuing that the investment outlay for our customers is at its minimal.
Benefits of Virtual Pipeline
Positioned to be the preferred energy solution provider due to growing energy demand, Virtual Pipeline has its own appeal:
  • It offers attractive fuel price advantage in comparison to other fossil fuels. Our customers can benefit from this as it reduces their energy costs, resulting in savings.
  • It is environmentally friendly, as natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels, reducing CO₂ emission.
  • It creates a balance between operating and investment costs for our customers. Due to its scalability, the system will cater to the pace of demand and allows optimum utilisation.

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